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Phone: (775) 465-2464

About Tree Removal by Edney Tree Service

Professional Tree RemovalSince 1984, Edney Tree Service has been helping commercial and residential customers throughout keep their trees safe and healthy with sound management practices including removals, trimming and preservation services. If you suspect a tree on your property may be an eminent threat to the safety of people, animals or property, Edney Tree Service invites you to contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate before the threat becomes a costly reality. 

Our crews are highly trained, fully licensed and committed to providing safe, reliable tree removal and preservation service and the highest levels of customer service available.  No matter how complex your tree removal or transplantation challenge we have the experience and equipment to:

  • Do the job right.
  • Do the job safely
  • Do the job efficiently
  • Do the job affordably
  • Do the job to your complete satisfaction
    Contact us today at (775) 465-2464 to discuss your tree pruning or preservation needs. We look forward to serving you.
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Tree Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting our FAQ's where you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions concerning tree removal and tree care.  For answers to specific questions not covered here you may contact us at (775) 465-2464.
Q:  When is the best time of year to trim trees?

A:  It depends on the type of tree and desired result.  Fruit trees should be pruned after blooming in the spring.  Many ornamentals, including Crepe Myrtles, should be trimmed in the winter or summer after blooming.  To promote new growth, trees should typically be trimmed in the springtime after the danger of freezing has passed.

Q:  What is stump grinding?
A:  Stump grinding is the most efficient method of stump removal. Although Mother Nature will achieve the same results eventually, it can take years for larger stumps to decompose.  The process can be accelerated with chemicals but can still be a lengthy process.  Stump grinders are large heavy machines equipped with a rotating cutting attachment that is repeatedly passed over the stump until it is eradicated.

Stump Removal ServiceQ:  My tree was struck by lightening. Will it heal?

A:  It depends on the age and type of tree as well as the extent of the visible damage.  If the tree is well established and lightening only damaged the outer bark, there is a good chance the tree will survive.  If the lightening penetrated to the center of the tree it will probably die eventually.  Even if it appears to be recuperating, chances are it has suffered structural damage and will not heal correctly, leading to disease or insect infestation.


Q:  How far back can I prune my trees?

A: Most trees do not require much pruning.  Mature, well established trees can benefit from limited pruning to correct weaknesses, increase interior air circulation and light and remove dead limbs that can attract insects.  Pruning is not a recommended means of controlling a trees’ height or spread.


Q:  I’m planning an addition to my home.  How can I ensure my trees won’t be affected by the new construction?

A:  In order to protect established trees from harm from new construction you must ensure the integrity of the root system and soil condition.  You must also be concerned with the canopy.  Many trees are damaged by excessive trimming during construction that can weaken them and lead to premature death.  In some instances it is advisable to relocate younger trees in order to avoid damage.  You should consult a professional arborist or tree service who can advise you on options available to you.

Q:  Can I keep the firewood from a tree you cut down?

A:   Yes, if you prefer, we can cut, split and stack your cut tree.  Ask us about pricing for these and other services we offer.

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